Results SwissPhO 2014

Aarau - The final round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad took place on March 23/24 in Aarau at the Neue Kantonsschule d'Aarau. Twenty-five participants managed to qualify for the final round and were confronted to a total of more than six hours of exams. Their main objective was to be amongst the best five, which would mean a place in the Swiss team at the occasion of the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), held in 2014 by Kazakhstan.

This year competition was pretty demanding and was a real challenge for most of the participants. In a theoretical part, the students were given many problems to solve, covering a large spectrum of physical topics, amongst them the mechanics of a yo-yo, the thermodynamics of helium or the not-so-intuitive concept of Poynting vector. Their experimental skills were also tested with two specific questions, one investigating the rolling resistance of a marble on various surfaces, the other one testing their comprehension of a motor.

The final ranking of the SwissPhO 2014 is given as follows:

Rank Name Region Total (max. 104) Distinction Special Award
1 Winkler Rafael d 65.2 Gold SSP-Award 1
2 Roos Barbara d 58.1 Gold SSP-Award 2
3 Stas Pieter f 50.4 Gold
4 Stengele Sebastian d 50.05 Gold
5 Rudin Nikita f 47 Gold
6 Burgener Cyrill d 46.65 Silver
7 Walker Andreas d 45.75 Silver
8 Wenger Quentin f 45.2 Silver
9 Duc Guillaume f 42.15 Silver
10 Schading Simon d 39.45 Silver
11 Humbel Mattia d 38.5 Bronze
12 Fournier Romain f 37.7 Bronze
13 Fischer Raphael d 36.75 Bronze
14 Altherr Anian d 33.8 Bronze
15 Som Romina d 33.7 Bronze
16 Lyck Fabian d 30.3
17 Mesot Alexandre d 29.75
18 Lüthi Melina d 29.05
19 Huggel Viviane d 27.65
20 Krummenacher Kajo d 24.9
21 Schuhmacher Julian d 24.5
22 Nguyen Phuc-Thien Thomas f 24.35
23 Schärer Raffael d 23.55
24 Töpfer Ueli d 21.3
Non-competitive (Liechtenstein):
Donhauser Konstantin FL 33.85 Bronze

1) Best Swiss Participant (Swiss Physical Society Prize)
2) Runner-up Swiss Participant (Swiss Physical Society Prize)

Congratulations to all the participants, especially to the first five of them who are thus taking part to the IPhO 2014 in Astana.

More detailed scores are available here.

Press release by the ASSO: French, German

Photos of the closing ceremony can be found on the website of the AOSS.

The five gold medalists (left to right) : Nikita Rudin, Pieter Stas, Barbara Roos, Rafael Winkler and Sebastian Stengele

SSP Awards
The recepients of the SPS awards: Rafael Winkler and Barbara Roos

Dr Christopher AndreyDominik Gresch
Christopher Andrey giving a scientific talk and Dominik Gresch demonstrating an experiment.

Photos taken during the exams:

Theoretical Exam1
Theoretical Exam1
Experimental Exam1
Experimental Exam2
Experimental Exam2

© Images : AOSS, Markus Meier