SwissPhO 2012

The International Physics Olympiad IPhO 2012 is going to take place between 15 July and 24 July in Estonia. The leaders will be accommodated in Tallinn while the participants will be staying in Tartu, home to the oldest university of Estonia.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Alfredo Mastrocola for his involvement in the SwissPhO over many years. We congratulate to the well-deserved prize which he was awarded by the VSWO at the 7th Swiss Scientific Olympiads Day 2011 for his long-standing commitment.
Alfredo passed on his positions of Coordinator and Treasurer this year with Simon Birrer taking over as Coordinator; Matthias Treier is Alfredo's successor as Treasurer. We are very grateful that we will still be able to benefit from Alfredo's invaluable advice and hands-on support.

We would further like to express our gratitude to Harald Sprenger. His service as Secretary has been of great value. He is passing on his position to Simon Birrer for professional reasons.

Alfredo Mastrocola
Alfredo Mastrocola

© Image: Hannes Suter, VSWO