Preliminary Round 2012: Results

The preliminary round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad 2012 took place on Saturday, 21 January 2012. 58 students from all around Switzerland and Liechtenstein participated at at one of the four different venues: Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano.

The following 24 participants qualified for the SwissPhO 2012:

  1. Lê Thanh Phong
  2. Käser Sebastian
  3. Schwarz Dominic
  4. Francfort Jérémie
  5. Gnap Stan
  6. Mordig Maximilian
  7. Py Valentin
  8. Schildknecht Christoph
  9. Erhart Luca
  10. Zuidema Christoph
  11. Inglin Raphael
  12. Loris Michel
  13. Zurbuchen Yves
  14. Wenger Quentin
  15. Kaufmann Tim
  16. Kehl Viviane
  17. Gremion Laura
  18. Roy Valentin
  19. Dermelj James
  20. Giron Tristan
  21. Komagata Kenichi
  22. Koller Levin
  23. Blaser Daniel
  24. Kreis Carla

Congratulations to those who qualified and good luck at the SwissPhO! The SwissPhO is going to take place on 21/22 April at the Neue Kantonsschule in Aarau. The top five will get the great opportunity to represent Switzerland at the International Physics Olympiad 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia in July.

We thank all other students for their participation and hope to see them at next year's SwissPhO.

The complete ranking with including scores is available here.

Pictures from the different venues:

Zurich (ETH):

Lausanne (EPFL):

© Images: Simon Birrer, Markus Meier, Roland Diggelmann