Results of the preliminary round 2016

The preliminary round of the SwissPhO 2016 took place on Wednesday, 20th of January 2016. 72 students from all across Switzerland and Lichtenstein took part in the competition, which was held simultaneously in four different places: Bern, Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano.

Congratulations to the following 25 Swiss participants and the 3 students from Liechtenstein who qualified for the SwissPhO 2016. (The ranking has no significance for the SwissPhO.)

Rang Name Punkte (Max 70)
1 Zhang Henning 42.75
2 Hajdin Nikola 40.75
3 Gantenbein Nicolà 39
4 Reding Quirin 38.5
5 Dilallo Francesco 34.5
6 Rutschmann Adrian 34.25
7 Köhler Markus 34
8 Baggenstos Jonas 33.25
9 Huang Xingjian 32.5
9 Lengen Bastian 32.5
11 Huang Sijing 30.75
12 Isenring Pascal 30.25
13 Humbel Ciril 29.75
14 Mukherjee Ambika 29.5
15 Rossier Caroline 29
16 Christes Alvar 28.75
16 Mazenauer Justin 28.75
18 Apffel Nils 28
18 Mazzone Daniel 28
20 Kolb Patrice 27.25
20 Vering Julius 27.25
22 Biedermann Joel 26.5 Liechtenstein (non-competitive)
23 Kabbani Karim 26.25
24 Klasovita Ivana 26
25 Thoma Vinzenz 26
26 Hofer Maxence 25.75
Wohlwend Konstantin 22 Liechtenstein (non-competitive)
Gartmann Jannik 19.5 Liechtenstein (non-competitive)

Best of luck to all the successful participants at the SwissPhO 2016, which will take place on 2nd/3rd of April at Neue Kantonsschule Aarau. The top five participants will then get the chance to represent Switzerland in July at the International Physics Olympiad in Zürich.

We thank everyone who was not lucky enough to make it into the second round for participating. We hope that many of you will try again next year.

Some pictures taken at the different locations:


Zürich (ETH)

Lausanne (EPFL)

© Bilder: Dominik Gresch, Than Phong Lê, Sebastian Käser

IPhO 2016 in Switzerland!

SwissPhO is happy to announce that the 47th International Physics Olympiads will take place in Zurich as a collaboration between the University of Zurich, the The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI, the Office for Education of the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads of which we are a proud member.

Some SwissPhO members are involved in the organization up to the top level. Among them Simon Birrer is co-chairman of the Steering Committee, and Yves Barmaz, Michele Dolfi, Levy Jäger, Johanna Nyffeler and Lionel Philippoz are actively engaged in the Academic Committee under the lead of Thomas Uehlinger.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED! The IPhO is still looking for volunteers to help carrying out the IPhO successfully. Register now and be part of this amazing event beginning of July as a Team Guide, Marker, Media Volunteer, etc.

Learn more about the IPhO 2016!

Registration 2016 now open

You can now register here for the preliminary round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad. Registration deadline is 31 December 2015.

All important dates for this year's physics olympiad can be found here. This year we offer for the first time preparation courses in collaboration with the University of Zurich, more info.

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