Experimental Camp 2019 at EPFL

Between the 15. and 17. February, the experimental training camp of the Physics Olympiad took place on the EPFL campus in Lausanne. From every corner of Switzerland, twenty-two participants joined us to prepare themselves for the final round of the Physics Olympiad.

Between some theoretical lectures about AC circuits, quantum physics, electrodynamics and statistics, the students were mostly focused on experimentation. During an afternoon spent in the electronics lab, they built and analyzed a high-pass filter and identified the content of “Black Boxes”. The following day, they worked on previous experimental examinations of the International and Swiss Physics Olympiads covering various phenomena such as fluid friction, phase transitions and Foucault currents. Additionally, a visit to the CROCUS, the experimental fission reactor of the campus, gave them a glimpse of what research can look like at a technical university.

We wish these students all the best for the final round in Aarau.

This event could not take place without the help of the EPFL. We would like to warmly thank the Physics section as well as the Study Programs Promotion Service for their precious support over the years.

© Photos: Alexandre Pinazza and Caroline Rossier