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SwissPhO is a physics competition for high school students who are interested in physics and want to add to their knowledge. Additionally, they have the opportunity to meet other physics enthusiasts from all over Switzerland during the different events. The five winners qualify for the International Physics Olympiad. In 2018 this event will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Starting this year, there will be a 5-day training camp in November and we will hold three instead of two rounds. The newly introduced round consists of a multiple-choice exam that can be taken online or during class at school. For this we need the support of you, the teachers. In order to reach as many students as possible we need your support to hold the exam in your class. It is up to you if the whole class should participate (e.g. the ones majoring in Physics) or just the interested students. The second option is to generate a personal link to the online testing system that you can share with your students. This gives you the possibility to see your student's results at the end of the examination period.

The participation in the SwissPhO is free. The only restriction is that the participants do not turn 20 before June 30th 2018 and are not at the University yet. The topics tested in the first round of the competition are very close to standard high school curriculum.

The first selection round will take place from August 20 until September 30 at school or online. The version on paper with the 20 questions will be sent to all teachers as template for copying in August. The exam should be solved in 40 minutes.

Flyers: German, French, Italian

Posters: German, French, Italian