IPhO 2015 : Results

The 46th International Physics Olympiad took place this year in the economic capital of India, Mumbai.

The participants faced two five hour-long exams. The first part consisted of an optical experiment. The students had to study the diffraction of a laser beam on a spring. The results they got was similar the results Rosalind Franklin got in 1953, He was able to show the double helix structure of the DNA with x-rays.

During the theoretical part of the exam the participants had to solve three problems. The topics of the questions were wide, original and a big challenge. The students had to study the Neutrinos emitted by the sun and the constructions of a nuclear reactor. Another topic was Hamilton's principle and its applications - for example that light always travels the shortest distance between two points.

Switzerland was represented by (from left to right):

  • Anian Altherr, from Arnegg/SG (Gymnasium Friedberg Gossau)
  • Linus Geiser, from Suhr/AG (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau)
  • Andrea Gebek, from Unterseen/BE (Gymnasium Interlaken)
  • Mattia Humbel, from Burg/AG (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau)
  • Kajo Krummenacher, from Kriens/LU (Kantonsschule Alpenquai Luzern)

The Swiss team performed really well at these competitions. Linus Geiser and Mattia Humbel both won a bronze medal, additionally Anian Altherr, Andrea Gebek and Kajo Krummenacher were decorated with a honorable mention!

Congratulations to all the participants not only for their individual results but as well for the great team performance!

Linus Geiser
Linus Geiser, bronze medal

Mattia Humbel
Mattia Humbel, bronze medal

Anian Altherr
Anian Altherr, honorable mention

Andrea Gebek
Andrea Gebek, honorable mention

Kajo Krummenacher
Kajo Krummenacher, honorable mention