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Aarau - The final round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad 2012 took place from 21 to 22 April at Neue Kantonsschule in Aarau. Twenty high school students from all across Switzerland participated after having qualified at the preliminary round in January. The participants had already had the chance to get to know each other at the training camp at EPFL in February. The training camp was a great opportunity for the students to not only improve their experimental and theoretical skills but also to meet people who shared their passion for physics.

However, the final round also meant that all the participants had to sit an exam in order to select the five who would get the chance to represent Switzerland at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2012. This year's IPhO is going to take place in Estonia. The exam was composed of each an experiment in mechanics and electromagnetism and several theoretical questions. The results are shown in the table below. Congratulations to everyone who took part and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Rank Name Region Marks (out of 104) Distinction Special Prize
1 Lê Thanh Phong fr 79.25 Gold SPG-Award 1)
2 Käser Sebastian de 66.00 Gold
3 Schwarz Dominic de 54.50 Gold
4 Gremion Laura fr 53.75 Gold SPG-Award 2)
5 Schildknecht Christoph de 42.25 Gold
6 Inglin Raphael de 41.25 Silver
7 Kehl Viviane de 36.00 Silver
8 Mordig Maximilian de 35.90 Silver
9 Zuidema Christoph de 34.50 Silver
10 Wenger Quentin fr 33.75 Silver
11 Loris Michel fr 32.50 Bronze
12 Komagata Kenichi fr 31.88 Bronze
13 Giron Tristan fr 30.50 Bronze
14 Blaser Daniel de 28.50 Bronze
15 Dermelj James de 28.00 Bronze
16 Py Valentin fr 27.00
17 Erhart Luca de 21.35
18 Koller Levin de 14.75
Frei Cyril de 53.75
Kratochwil Benedikt fl 33.50

1) Best Young Physicist
2) Best Young Woman Physicist

A more detailed ranking with the complete scores can be found here.

The five gold medal winners (from left to right): Thanh Phong Lê, Christoph Schildknecht, Laura Gremion, Sebastian Käser and Dominic Schwarz.

Johanna NyffelerDr. Christophe Rossel
Presenter Johanna Nyffeler and Dr. Christophe Rossel, President of the Swiss Physical Society at the award ceremony

Thanh Phong LeLaura Gremion
SPG-Award winners: Thanh Phong Lê (Best Young Physicist) and Laura Gremion (Best Young Women Physicist)

A few impressions from the exams:

Theoretical Exam1

Experimental Exam1Experimental Exam2
Theoretical Exam1

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